Toton Area

Railway Photography by Paul Robertson


The Toton area recent history and layout

The yards at Toton were always a fascinating place when I was a young spotter, I remember making trips
there at weekends, onto the bank overlooking the yards and there was always something happening. How I wish we could go back to the time when you could view numerous BR blue 20's, 31's, peaks, 47's, 56's & the then new class 58's working off Toton. Unfortunately back then I wasn't much of a photographer, and I do not possess very many quality photos from that era.

In 1993, I moved to within 2 miles of Toton (& now live less than 1/2 a mile..), and by then having had a few years experience of railway photography, I set about recording the local scene in detail. I didn't drive at that time so I went everywhere by pushbike, often on a sunny morning making my way to the footbridge at the South end of Toton to record the first Doncaster-Mountsorrel passing through, and the early departures ex the yard such as 6T89 to Chaddesden and 8F10 to Mountsorrel which were regularly worked by 37's. Afterwards cycling North along the Erewash canal towpath to Stanton Gate for the next Doncaster-Mountsorrel coming South at mid morning, and the 1st train returning back Northwards after loading..

In January 2013, it was announced that the proposed High Speed 2 route would run straight through the middle of Toton with a high speed & domestic station being built on the site. Big changes to come !

Please note that I am in no way connected to or work at Toton depot and I cannot arrange for visits or provide contact details for any persons wishing to make a visit to take photographs or other activities.

The Yards

To try and give a brief overview of the yard setup at Toton, refer to the pictures which are taken from the A52 overbridge at the North end of the complex looking southwards and from the footbridge at the South end of the yards. 

60070.jpg (459970 bytes) Picture 1

Picture 1, the Yard to the far left is New bank, comprising 10 through roads which were mostly used for coal traffic and stabling of engineers trains but has been out of normal use for some time now and weeds, bushes and even trees are growing through the tracks. The yard in the middle of tho photo between New Bank and the through lines is Old Bank, comprising 6 through and 5 dead end sidings, mostly utilised for engineers traffic and wagon storage. The through lines are (L to R): Up/down high level goods, up and down main, and down no.2 goods. 60070 is arriving on an MGR which it will back into a siding on New Bank.

3789937719.jpg (1043126 bytes) Picture 2

Picture 2, The line on which the train is approaching is down goods no.2, with the closest line branching off to the right being the depot arrival road / the connection to Stapleford and Sandiacre ballast sidings. The line which branches off behind this is the depot departure line. In the distance can be seen Toton North Yard which comprises 3 through reception sidings and a substantial number of dead end roads. 37899/37719 have just departed the North Yard with a Bardon Hill-Doncaster Decoy train of boulders for sea defence work at Hessle. 24/05/99.

60019tot.jpg (369189 bytes) Picture 3

Picture 3 shows the large diesel depot at Toton. There are 16 roads in total including 1 wheel lathe road & 5 roads in the 'Cathedral' section which houses the jacks and cranes for carrying out loco & engine lifts. The stabling point for locos 'ready to go' is seen above the portakabin/behind the pylon with a number of class 60's present, though some of these are probably stored locos. The fueling point is to the left of the depot. The train passing on down goods no.2 is 60019 hauling two engineering cranes, the 60 was the yard pilot at the time and was tripping them over to the up side.

37899Ss.jpg (376865 bytes) Picture 4

Picture 4 shows the ballast sidings known as Stapleford and Sandiacre sidings. The depot arrival line passes to the left of the sidings and the line to the right of this provides access to the Virtual Quarry to the rear of the depot. The sidings are used for the marshalling of weekend engineering trains. The dead end sidings to the right of the yard are now used for stabling and servicing of the High Output trains, currently the TRS (Track Renewal System train) is working from here.
The loco is 37899 which is acting as yard pilot vice a class 08 shunter.

6007460060.jpg (491724 bytes) Picture 5

Picture 5 is taken from the footbridge at the South end of the complex and shows the now closed wagon works. Behind the works is Toton West Yard, which is now mainly used for the stabling of stored and condemned wagons, to the right of the wagon works/West Yard is the site of East Yard which was lifted when the complex was rationalised in 1984. The area is now full of silver birch trees which thrive on the old trackbeds, a few years ago they were all cut down and removed as EWS planned to build an international railport on the land. However planning permission was never granted due to problems with road access, and the site was abandoned once again and the trees grew up once more. In late 2009 the BR Property board sold the land to an unknown company and they rapidly moved in with diggers and heavy plant and all the silver birch trees were toppled ready to be cleared. This created an almighty backlash in the local community who had adopted the area as a 'nature reserve' and the local councillors took out an injunction to stop the work and make the company replant new trees, even though this was private land! Needless to say the company have not been seen since and the tress all remain toppled and it is rather an eye sore.

There was a planning application made to convert the wagon works buildings and area into a concrete recycling & manufacturing plant which would have provided concrete sleepers etc to Network Rail, but this was rejected and the site remained an abandoned, fire damaged (vandalised) mess. The building was finally torn down in 2018.  60074 & 60060 leave on a train to Oakleigh 29/07/95.

37520toton.jpg (426923 bytes) Picture 6

Picture 6 is a view Northwards with the North Yard visible to the top left. Behind the photographer there is an old railway bridge which used to carry a connection from the high level goods lines to the North yard/downside hump, which allowed trains from the South or Nottingham area to cross the main lines without confliction instead of crossing 'on the flat' at Trent or Toton centre. (Hump shunting ceased on the down side in 1978, and 1984 on the upside). This line and the headshunt for the down hump used to cross the embankment and viaduct over the river Erewash just visible on the left. The train is 6T18 0833 Toton-Chaddesden hauled by 37520 which on this day was unusually coming along the up main line having backed out of Stapleford & Sandiacre sidings instead of originating from the more usual Old or New bank yard.

toton4.jpg (913469 bytes) Picture 7

Picture 7 is an aerial view taken in 1998, showing the layout of the complex virtually as it is today. the up & down hump control towers are visible, but these have since been demolished. Compare this view with the 1951 view below.

toton3.jpg (779976 bytes) Picture 8

Picture 8 is an aerial view taken from 1951, Compare this to the view above and see how much rationalisation affected the yards. Aerial pictures nos.7 & 8 kindly reproduced from "Toton Yards & the Erewash valley - A brief history". 

As of 2359 on Sunday 26th April 2009, DBS closed both Toton Old Bank and New Bank yards due to the current financial recession and associated lack of freight traffic, it is hoped they may reopen at some stage in the future if freight ever picks up again. All traffic is now based on Toton North yard on the down side of the main line. During the Summer of 2010, Old Bank started to be used for the staging of DBS coal trains which started running once again from Daw Mill to Ratcliffe after the Jarvis Fastline Freight collapse, and some roads in New Bank were getting occasional use but bushes and silver birches had already put paid to some roads, indeed the stored class 60s have trees and vegetation growing through some of them..

During late April 2012 contractors were brought in to make New Bank fit for further use, this is for stabling of the Track Renewal System Train and HOBC train which are going to see extensive use on the MML and East Midlands area over the coming year. DBS also had to move some of the stored 60s and some were moved to St Blazey to be stored undercover in the old roundhouse.

Currently we have gone full circle again after the HOBC/TRS trains renewing the railway in the East Midlands were pulled by Network Rail due to financial constraints. Therefore New Bank again became a dumping ground with stored wagons and nature taking over again.

stapbox.jpg (358984 bytes) Stapleford & Sandiacre shunt frame

In October 2009 the Erewash South resignalling was completed with many more signal gantries now spanning the lines in the area and control of the railway passing to the East Midlands Control Centre at Derby. These changes also saw the closure of Stapleford and Sandiacre shunt frame signalbox which was located just below the A52 overbridge, this was demolished at the start of 2011. Trains leaving South from Toton North Yard, and indeed the depot, can run directly South along the bi-directional line on the furthest west side of the main line, they cross back to the 'correct' line on a new crossover near the site of the old Long Eaton town station, near the large Tesco superstore.


Photos taken around the Toton area (I class this as Long Eaton through to Stanton Gate):

Photo locations are ordered from south to north:


Long Eaton:

58048-Long-Eaton-040193.jpg (407700 bytes)    374176g45.jpg (1183805 bytes)    37417-Toton-230506-6D44-1247-Bescot-Toton.jpg (509638 bytes)    37372toton.jpg (442187 bytes)    37405toton6d44.jpg (350676 bytes)    37406long.jpg (440541 bytes)    IMG_2244-66516-Long-Eaton-170316-4O95-Leeds-FLT-Southampton-FLT.jpg (672268 bytes)    IMG_6263-66555-Long-Eaton-260517-4O95-Leeds-Southampton.jpg (856863 bytes)    

47817leaton.jpg (770600 bytes)    IMG_0904-66413-Long-Eaton-260414-6X01-1657-Sandiacre-Harlington-TRS.jpg (799914 bytes)    IMG_0220-66602-Long-Eaton-230715.jpg (636037 bytes)    60059le.jpg (341702 bytes)    66302long.jpg (364987 bytes)    66303longeaton.jpg (372492 bytes)    IMG_6637-70817-Long-Eaton-060717-4V49-1210-Stourton-Briton-Ferry.jpg (760348 bytes)    66075long.jpg (441902 bytes)

60022long.jpg (487280 bytes)    60060long.jpg (391279 bytes)    60065tot.jpg (1110038 bytes)    60073tot.jpg (1225150 bytes)    IMG_9864-66723-Long-Eaton-120913-6K50-1513-Toton-Basford-Hall.jpg (536924 bytes)    IMG_3329.jpg (763800 bytes)    IMG_2715-70005-Long-Eaton-130319-4O95-1212-Leeds-Southampton.jpg (663396 bytes)    IMG_2727-37423-Long-Eaton-140319-6Z37-1206-WH-Davies-Shirebrook-Basford-Hall.jpg (693797 bytes)    

67014long.jpg (1115673 bytes)

totonsig.jpg (101831 bytes)


Views from former High level bridge/embankment

08529toton.jpg (317456 bytes)    47224-Toton-Jn-310197-7M63-0819-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (441817 bytes)    56083-Toton-181003-1Z37-0715-Newport-Peterborough.jpg (930461 bytes)    3737737370totonjn.jpg (354852 bytes)    37071toton.jpg (759067 bytes)        60011toton.jpg (741510 bytes)    66105tot.jpg (331536 bytes)

37503-Toton-140197-6M63-0819-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (281787 bytes)    58046-Toton-011196-7A13-1210-Toton-Ratcliffe.jpg (327335 bytes)    58009-Toton-PRC.jpg (536913 bytes)    08495-Toton-040697.jpg (491729 bytes)    58017-Toton-150497-7A24-1655-Nadins-Ratcliffe.jpg (347657 bytes)    37095-Toton-040697-7L59-1731-Toton-Temple-Mills.jpg (413290 bytes)    31155-31185-Toton-180893-BS90-trip-Toton-to-Bescot.jpg (446531 bytes)    37244-Toton-Jn-070896-8X10-0925-Horbury-Didcot.jpg (369635 bytes)

47224tot.jpg (665889 bytes)    


Toton Footbridge:

37706-37670-Toton-210802-6T18-0830-Toton-Chaddesden.jpg (534193 bytes)    37057toton.jpg (566807 bytes)    37059tot.jpg (260667 bytes)    37152toton.jpg (510852 bytes)    37219.jpg (314481 bytes)    37087toton.jpg (306647 bytes)    37401tot.jpg (316433 bytes)    372486T18.jpg (332691 bytes)

37410totonjn.jpg (382725 bytes)    37516-Toton-050696-6M64-0558-Doncaster-Wood-Yd-Mountsorrel_filtered.jpg (553794 bytes)    58006-Toton-Jn-060799-7A09-0845-Toton-Ratcliffe.jpg (473113 bytes)    47635totonjn.jpg (354138 bytes)    47780toton.jpg (749637 bytes)    60072-Toton-Jn.jpg (490720 bytes)    47377toton.jpg (350588 bytes)    37520toton.jpg (426923 bytes)

47229tot.jpg (490276 bytes)    37408-Toton-080897-7P10-0801-to-Longport-HEAs-for-conversion-to-MEAs.jpg (548175 bytes)    37516totonjn.jpg (610199 bytes)    58026-Toton-070600.jpg (657716 bytes)    IMG_6266-66714-66727-Toton-260517-6K50-1513-Toton-Basford-Hall.jpg (577831 bytes)    37670tot.jpg (309365 bytes)    37608toton.jpg (469021 bytes)    37602tot.jpg (324618 bytes)    

56129toton.jpg (217628 bytes)    58003toton.jpg (268153 bytes)        58047-Toton-050293-empties-to-Denby.jpg (489602 bytes)        58030totonB.jpg (448314 bytes)    60007toton.jpg (942742 bytes)    IMG_0478-60053-Toton-130607-6B26-0529-Toton-Clay-Cross-1300px.jpg (595268 bytes)    

60033-Toton-290799-6Z32-0800-Toton-Mountsorrel.jpg (454661 bytes)    60007tot.jpg (310249 bytes)    37167-Toton-020997-7T89-0900-Toton-Chaddesden.jpg (1074746 bytes)    IMG_2518-37407-37403-Toton-070219-6Z37-1210-Shirebrook-WH-Davies-Crewe-CLS.jpg (600672 bytes)    56134-Toton.jpg (521546 bytes)    IMG_2542-66043-Toton-050516-Toton-to-Morton-on-Lugg.jpg (650732 bytes)    IMG_3906-70010-66559-Toton-150619-4O90-0610-Leeds-Southampton.jpg (610740 bytes)    IMG_4384-66712-Toton-110919-6M23-1307-Doncaster-Decoy-Mountsorrel.jpg (561304 bytes)

47492-Toton-180598-7M64-0558-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (627926 bytes)    60063tot.jpg (1132535 bytes)    IMG_0511-60066-Toton-210607-7B42-0700-Toton-Forders-1300px.jpg (533699 bytes)    60080-Toton-210802-6V04-0013-Port-Clarence-Westerleigh.jpg (617299 bytes)    60074tot.jpg (1104393 bytes)    60072toton.jpg (871095 bytes)    60084toton.jpg (904926 bytes)    37716-Toton-240996-7M64-0558-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (400969 bytes)

37513-Toton-Jn-130799-6T18-0800-Toton-Chaddesden.jpg (490833 bytes)    66065toton.jpg (418943 bytes)    66236toton.jpg (1201288 bytes)    66559tot.jpg (312155 bytes)    66304toton.jpg (745731 bytes)    66615tot.jpg (1273371 bytes)    66620toton.jpg (327009 bytes)    IMG_6244.jpg (617780 bytes)

37203-37376-Toton-Jn-231096-6T91-1400-Mountsorrel-Toton.jpg (505887 bytes)    37255-Toton-290799-37384-6G28-0928-Toton-Bescot_filtered.jpg (422816 bytes)    58029--Toton-251096-7A15-1332-Doe-Hill-Ratcliffe.jpg (543078 bytes)    47778-Toton-160802-7T18-0830-Toton-Chaddesden.jpg (578267 bytes)    IMG_2618-70020-Toton-270219-4O95-1212-Leeds-Southampton.jpg (607802 bytes)    IMG_0861-60065-Toton-140414-6M22-0742-Toton-Ratcliffe.jpg (456907 bytes)    56117-Toton-Jn-020997-7M64-0558-Doncaster-Wood-Y-Mountsorrel.jpg (474744 bytes)    58036-Toton-050297-6F70-0912-Toton-Asfordby.jpg (473100 bytes)

58001-Toton-Jn-070599-7A12-0900-Bentinck-Ratcliffe.jpg (485579 bytes)    60018-Toton-131102-6M55-0952-Lindsey-Rectory.jpg (440577 bytes)    60001-Toton-Jn-040999-6B15-1750-Toton-Harpenden.jpg (522108 bytes)    58043-Toton-251096-7G41-1402-Toton-Rugeley-PS.jpg (564122 bytes)    IMG_3733-60084-Toton-150508-6K50-1229-Toton-Crewe-BH-1000px.jpg (366847 bytes)    37505-020997-Toton-Jn-8F10-0833-Sandiacre-Mountsorrel.jpg (580767 bytes)    IMG_9982-47790-57307-Toton-290714-1Z94-0817-Edinburgh-St-Pancras.jpg (497086 bytes)    IMG_0118-66563-Toton-190814-6Y15-0610-ex-Stone.jpg (391959 bytes)

IMG_3366-70008-Toton-040519-4O90-0527-Leeds-Southampton.jpg (595314 bytes)    31459-Toton-050696-6T89-0830-Toton-Chaddesden.jpg (614018 bytes)    IMG_3043-66753-Toton-100419-6M23-1257-Doncaster-Decoy-Mountsorrel.jpg (548094 bytes)    66726toton.jpg (965214 bytes)    37106-Toton-Jn-180598-8F10-0833-Sandiacre-Mountsorrel.jpg (482467 bytes)    70006toton.jpg (354536 bytes)    58030-Toton-Jn-020793-7F29-0947-Toton-Drakelow.jpg (482925 bytes)    60005-Toton-Jn-270599-6M92-0420-Tyne-Yd-Mountsorrel.jpg (567246 bytes)    

60097-Toton-Jn-040999-6M50-1348-Bury-St-Edmunds-Tunstead.jpg (452044 bytes)    IMG_6138-66303-Toton-280520-4M51-0428-South-Bank-Tees-Dock-Daventry.jpg (628960 bytes)       

67014tot.jpg (547138 bytes)    37685-37717-Toton-Jn-191104-1Z93-0850-Leicester-Cricklewood-Toton.jpg (300063 bytes)    58049-Toton-240996-0835-Toton-Denby.jpg (258330 bytes)


Toton Jn

47853toton.jpg (300523 bytes)    66718tot.jpg (410815 bytes)    60059totonjn.jpg (308814 bytes)    37670-37669-Toton-200403-7B07-1508-Luton-Toton-Yd.jpg (475432 bytes)


In & around the Yards:

hump.jpg (1012016 bytes)    20010toton.jpg (865036 bytes)    toton-up-hump-room.jpg (220941 bytes)    20058toton.jpg (299300 bytes)    20148toton.jpg (910098 bytes)    56022tot.jpg (207792 bytes)    60090le.jpg (398230 bytes)    IMG_7182-59201-at-Toton-200410-6Z87-1840-to-Ratcliffe.jpg (525256 bytes)

60079-Toton-020295-7V06-1248-Toton-Didcot.jpg (306126 bytes)    58014-Toton-140897-0835-to-Nadins.jpg (495178 bytes)


Views from Toton 'bank':

toton010708.jpg (712986 bytes)    37415toton.jpg (415393 bytes)    56118toton.jpg (304811 bytes)    37418tot.jpg (357548 bytes)    60006tot.jpg (381796 bytes)    IMG_0226-60067-60032-60060-Toton-240914.jpg (557474 bytes)    60054tot.jpg (353820 bytes)    66065tot.jpg (422984 bytes)    

    58044-0847-to-Ratcliffe-58014-0835-to-Nadins-at-Toton-New-Bank-140897.jpg (356792 bytes)

66170tot.jpg (328594 bytes)



On and around the shed:

toton86.jpg (292846 bytes)    EC1.jpg (921349 bytes)    478xxtoton.jpg (333966 bytes)    37293-31163-58037-47767-37798-Toton-260498.jpg (552972 bytes)    5811toton.jpg (558467 bytes)    37073toton.jpg (348636 bytes)    37419toton.jpg (233838 bytes)    37670toton.jpg (158617 bytes)

44008toton.jpg (358227 bytes)    45029toton.jpg (303492 bytes)    45112toton.jpg (199430 bytes)    47004toton.jpg (286403 bytes)    60055tot.jpg (361321 bytes)    60003tot.jpg (525442 bytes)    58050-Toton-040587-PRC.jpg (643101 bytes)    56098-Toton-010984.jpg (394760 bytes)

45019-Toton-june-1985-PRC.jpg (399055 bytes)    58037-60067-37038-Toton-260498.jpg (284067 bytes)    47308toton.jpg (763764 bytes)    56099toton.jpg (333100 bytes)    56042toton.jpg (199474 bytes)    56107toton.jpg (200264 bytes)    56024toton.jpg (218729 bytes)    58013tot.jpg (361244 bytes)

47299-47304-37697-37677-Toton-290599.jpg (446338 bytes)    90024gleam.jpg (915053 bytes)    90024numbers.jpg (746853 bytes)    90024paint.jpg (892286 bytes)    90024toton.jpg (300878 bytes)    d1023-d9019-d345-d821-Toton-openday-290898.jpg (366149 bytes)    58021-60076-Toton-260294.jpg (342903 bytes)    58026-56022-Toton-251092.jpg (441719 bytes)    

66053-58020-Toton-150899.jpg (429003 bytes)    D-_Train-Photos_train-pics-4-high-res_37370-37248-58002-Toton-100698-0L59-to-Old-Bank-for-6L59-to-Temple-Mills.jpg (430222 bytes)    58037-31163-37293-Toton-260498.jpg (375028 bytes)    58013-56118-EC1-toton-1000px.jpg (349869 bytes)    73131-Toton-290999.jpg (520947 bytes)    IMG_1673-Toton-230709.jpg (317401 bytes)    IMG_1675-60500-Toton-230709.jpg (278892 bytes)    58010-37047-37719-Toton-290599.jpg (300832 bytes)

ec1toton.jpg (340592 bytes)    37692-37216-37275-37140-Toton-290999.jpg (396116 bytes)    56020toton.jpg (448236 bytes)    58015-37692-Toton-290999.jpg (372907 bytes)    56048-Toton-090679.jpg (276147 bytes)    toton37047.jpg (251226 bytes)    37425-Toton-120405.jpg (316620 bytes)    IMG_1605-60100-60015-60033-Toton-230707.jpg (298842 bytes)

Toton-open-day-0700hrs-290898.jpg (272185 bytes)    IMG_1677-60042-60058-60070-66093-60500-66xxx-Toton-230709.jpg (311564 bytes)    37023-58003-Toton-June-86-Recovered.jpg (307610 bytes)    37203-Toton-210399.jpg (416399 bytes)    37213-Toton-160403-enroute-to-Thompson-of-Stockton.jpg (387714 bytes)    37371-37077-37298-37203-37688-Toton-130399.jpg (418076 bytes)    56107-Toton-281293.jpg (516848 bytes)    

37220-37248-58002-Toton.jpg (137720 bytes)    37501-Toton-wheel-lathe-281293.jpg (165372 bytes)    


Stapleford & Sandiacre

37055tot.jpg (364275 bytes)    37055toton.jpg (484815 bytes)    58050-Toton.jpg (412519 bytes)    08994-Toton-230998.jpg (450958 bytes)    58044-Toton-100698-7A21-1800-Bentinck-Ratcliffe.jpg (468118 bytes)    


Views from the A52 overbridge:

Totonglint.jpg (270314 bytes)    25toton.jpg (560720 bytes)        66toton.jpg (266320 bytes)    8136toton.jpg (549583 bytes)    20066sand.jpg (311529 bytes)    37899-37719-Toton-240599-7Z72-1400-Bardon-Hill-Doncaster-Decoy.jpg (536656 bytes)    IMG_2203-66589-70801-Stapleford-110316-4O95-1212-Leeds-Southampton.jpg (591735 bytes)

37406toton.jpg (464442 bytes)    37695 8x09.jpg (1093488 bytes)    37406-Toton-090503-6G25-0503-ex-Bescot.jpg (452031 bytes)    56054sand.jpg (385010 bytes)    60024sand.jpg (368451 bytes)    60024sands.jpg (361441 bytes)    37242-Toton-090398-8T90-1225-ex-Doncaster-Decoy.jpg (536499 bytes)    IMG_2596-37099-Toton-240219-3Q56-1336-Worksop-Loughborough.jpg (729710 bytes)    

IMG_9722-60081-Toton-150713.jpg (349569 bytes)    60054sand.jpg (367276 bytes)    60019tot.jpg (369189 bytes)    IMG_9717-Toton-150713.jpg (481212 bytes)        60070tot.jpg (1009364 bytes)    66069stap.jpg (348720 bytes)    66118toton.jpg (363191 bytes)    

60081toton.jpg (316571 bytes)    66160toton.jpg (893701 bytes)    66020tot.jpg (212122 bytes)    37517-Toton-260703-6G25-0503-ex-Bescot.jpg (478634 bytes)    IMG_9078--Toton-120711.jpg (301970 bytes)    IMG_0020-66552--6X33-1736-Sandiacre-Flitwick-60010-66515-Toton-010613.jpg (424385 bytes)    IMG_9204-60040-Toton-070913-6M57-0558-Lindsey-Kingsbury.jpg (422204 bytes)    IMG_0943-20142-20189-Stapleford-060514-6Z41-1310-Doncaster-W-Yard-Stapleford-and-Sandiacre-BB.jpg (491375 bytes)    

58016-Toton-100698-7A23-1804-Daw-Mill-Ratcliffe_filtered.jpg (282213 bytes)    IMG_9199-60040-Toton-040913-6E59-Kingsbury-Lindsey.jpg (418708 bytes)    IMG_0024-66557-60010-66515-Toton-010613.jpg (469987 bytes)    IMG_0026-66552-Toton-6X33-1736-Sandiacre-Flitwick-Jn-010613.jpg (436078 bytes)    IMG_0031-60081-60006-Toton-010613-edited.jpg (499330 bytes)    IMG_9298-60059-Toton-181012-7M73-Doncaster-Toton.jpg (355282 bytes)    37421-Toton-160899-6Z37-1400-ex-Derby-RTC.jpg (611399 bytes)    IMG_0030-60081-Toton-010613.jpg (448673 bytes)

60065sand.jpg (832202 bytes)    60036-Toton-060599-6E88-1527-Corby-Lackenby.jpg (531621 bytes)



Views from Sandiacre Derby Road bridge:

8301stap.jpg (426752 bytes)    47016stap.jpg (313415 bytes)    60074stap.jpg (367732 bytes)    66184stap.jpg (360984 bytes)    66522stap.jpg (338544 bytes)    37042-Toton-170403-6G44-1246-Bescot-Toton.jpg (534371 bytes)    37298-stapleford-180899-8x10-1319-horbury-didcot.jpg (627452 bytes)    IMG_0941-20142-20189-Stapleford-060514-6Z41-1310-Doncaster-W-Yard-Stapleford-and-Sandiacre-BB.jpg (538693 bytes)

66304tot.jpg (393242 bytes)    66598stap.jpg (383465 bytes)    66742tot.jpg (364376 bytes)    66726san.jpg (369905 bytes)    37426-Toton-250503-7B04-1500-Bedford-Toton-Yd-1024.jpg (373584 bytes)    56063-58001-toton-1000px.jpg (417304 bytes)    66719le.jpg (876140 bytes)    


Stapleford footbridge

37885sford.jpg (282598 bytes)        3742037408.jpg (456373 bytes)    3737537703.jpg (514722 bytes)    37013stap.jpg (435217 bytes)       

66612stap.jpg (418200 bytes)    6233stap.jpg (324378 bytes)    60049-60084-60028-Stapleford-02999-0F54-1415-Pk-Forest-Toton.jpg (540829 bytes)    58012-Sandiacre-sunday-060797.jpg (602549 bytes)    58003-Stapleford-160497-6K95-1430-Worksop-Toton.jpg (575651 bytes)    58024-Sandiacre-160497-7F95-1730-Toton-Cottam.jpg (851862 bytes)    


Stanton Gate:

08886-Stanton-Gate-231096-8P83-1345-Stanton-Toton.jpg (688739 bytes)    31420sg.jpg (538244 bytes)    33021stan.jpg (459352 bytes)    3726437109sg.jpg (381514 bytes)    37059sg.jpg (314137 bytes)    37114sg.jpg (724947 bytes)    40145sg.jpg (430508 bytes)    37798-7M64-0558-Doncaster-Mountsorrel-at-Stanton-Gate--200397.jpg (742475 bytes)

66716sg.jpg (345873 bytes)    37697-Stanton-Gate-6M21-0909-Toton-Castleton-180598.jpg (574904 bytes)    60071sg.jpg (377845 bytes)    60059sg.jpg (497240 bytes)    56027stanton.jpg (675765 bytes)    58041-Stanton-Gate-250797-7B66-0847-Bentinck-West-Burton.jpg (504264 bytes)    47016-Stanton-Gate-281097-7M63-0819-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (448775 bytes)    37610-37609-Stanton-Gate-280797-4Z77-0900-Cricklewood-RFS-Doncaster.jpg (506408 bytes)

60030-Stanton-Gate.jpg (397452 bytes)    37515-Stanton-Gate-150597-7M63-0819-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (503526 bytes)    37519-Stanton-Gate-240996-7M63-0819-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (468867 bytes)    58044-Stanton-Gate-231096-6T26-1030-Worksop-Toton.jpg (469098 bytes)            37668_8x09_stanton_gate.jpg (473150 bytes)    66193sg.jpg (371141 bytes)

47826sg.jpg (454085 bytes)    56011-Stanton-Gate-230392-MGR-to-Worksop.jpg (672968 bytes)    56113sg.jpg (513037 bytes)    IMG_0152-60074-Stanton-Gate-110914-6Z65-0918-Earles-Walsall.jpg (529697 bytes)    56119sg.jpg (404299 bytes)    56034 Stanton Gate 291096 7M63 0819 Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (724556 bytes)    56087sg.jpg (343954 bytes)   

60053sg.jpg (421398 bytes)    IMG_9886-60092.jpg (484413 bytes)    60011stanton.jpg (458987 bytes)    37710-Stanton-Gate-190502-7B11-0859-Wingfield-Toton.jpg (641247 bytes)    37798-Stanton-Gate-M1-240996-6M21-0911-Toton-Castleton.jpg (412581 bytes)    37719-stanton-gate-011096-7m63-0819-don-msorrel.jpg (533823 bytes)    56049-Stanton-Gate-160100-8B11-0940-Clay-Cross-Toton.jpg (582217 bytes)    37891-Stanton-Gate-020997-6M21-0911-Toton-Castleton.jpg (493314 bytes)    

37717-Stanton-Gate-210397-7M63-0819-Doncaster-Mountsorrel.jpg (514216 bytes)    IMG_0070-47832-Stanton-Gate-241013-4Z40-1020-WH-Davis-Shirebrook-Daventry-1100px.jpg (465248 bytes)    IMG_0073-66622-66130-Stanton-Gate-241013-comp.jpg (448051 bytes)    37884-Stanton-Gate-210497-7M63-0819-Doncaster-Wood-Yd-Mountsorrel.jpg (579236 bytes)    58041-Stanton-Gate-291096-7G41-0921-Thoresby-Toton.jpg (618263 bytes)    60053-Stanton-Gate-190896-6z33-0453-Lackenby-Corby.jpg (527285 bytes)    56014-58027-Stanton-Gate-180392.jpg (516742 bytes)    56020-Stanton-Gate-180392.jpg (591720 bytes)

37203-Stanton-Gate-080596-6M21-0921-Toton-Castleton.jpg (631308 bytes)    IMG_5764-56096-Stanton-Gate-220320-6C82-0850-Clarborough-Jn-Toton.jpg (584928 bytes)    

47711sg.jpg (582973 bytes)    60100sg.jpg (532795 bytes)




















































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